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OMG is a sex positive advocate for the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community. We create safe spaces for open conversations about our sexual health. We are making sexual health sexy and fun.

Sex and Sexuality has been a taboo in the BIPOC community for far too long. It is the erasure of our communities from these important conversations that leaves us more open to exploitation, abuse and trauma. OMG provides greater access to sex education for our marginalized communities. We connect the community to resources and experts in an effort to educate and empower.

Autonomy, Respect, Consent, and Healing are the values that guide our work. We are pro-YOU. No one should be ashamed to ask questions, voice concerns, or just be curious. Understanding our bodies leads to more confidence, self acceptance and love for not only ourselves, but for each other.

OMG is committed to sexual health and well being of the BIPOC community.

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Ms Kiki Love is originally from the Bay Area, Northern California. She's the oldest sibling of 8 children (4 brothers and 3 sisters). She graduated with a bachelor's degree from culinary arts school in 2008. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona in February 2008. She is known to her friends as a Counselor of Love, and that's how she got started working with Bedroom Kandi. in 2015. Her goal is to educate melanated people around the city of Phoenix about sex and relationships. In 2020 She is the CO owner and Co-Founder of Orgasmic Melanin Goddesses. She is also known as the Sex Coach Goddess!

Ms NeshaB was born to have an audience. She started acting and singing at the age of 8, playing Annie in her school play. She moved from stage to screen in the movie, “Zebrahead”, with such actors as Michael Rapaport, N’Bushe Wright, Kevin Corrigan and Jon Seda.


Even after leaving the entertainment industry, she discovered her passion to help people through training and development. It allowed her to captivate an audience and still make an impact on people’s lives.

She incorporates her entrepreneurial spirit, love for entertainment and education as a consultant with Bedroom Kandi. 


Ms NeshaB is one half of the Dynamic Sistah Duo, Orgasmic Melanin Goddesses. They host sex positive events virtually and throughout the Phoenix area.

She is a mother of 2 amazing adults, caregiver to her elderly mom, and currently resides in the Phoenix AZ area.

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